Urban Cocktail Chair | Rattan Woven


This chair reminds me of one that I had the opportunity to sit and rest in while on a short visit to the Guernsey Island - a really beautiful place to visit during the summer (terribly cold and whiplashed in the winter). The island is almost halfway between England and France (actually a bit closer to France, but really quite English in make-up).

Guernsey Island played a significant role in World War II and was briefly occupied by the invading German army, till the tides turned and the ally's were able to reverse this and gain control. It's a romantic tuck-away, and a great place to get off the beaten track.

The small bed and breakfasts that dot the island are the perfect place to stop for a few nights. This is were we chanced upon this particular style of chair - big on comfort and homey and welcoming to look at. This comfortable chair is ideal to relax in and placed next to a lamp the perfect reading spot. One that is guaranteed to give you hours of comfort.

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est. 1988