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Wild Coast Tented Lodge, Sri Lanka - winner in 2019-2020 and top 10 Luxury Resorts in Asia Pacific

Feb 9, 2018 – Sri Lanka and Wild Coast Tented Lodge scooped the Best New Luxury Hotel of the Year award at the first ever TTG luxury Travel Awards, a glittering event held at The Rosewood hotel, London.


TTG was established as Travel Trade Gazette in 1953, as the world’s very first weekly travel trade newspaper. The prestigious TTG luxury Travel Awards is a reflection of the very best in the luxury sector and is a benchmark for quality, seeking out those who innovate in designs and deliver incredible customer service.

Hospitality, design and building awards

Larkwood Furniture was proudly involved in this magnificent award winning resort in Sri Lanka. The luxurios resort requires high end furniture as well as attention to every detail. Larkwood delivered unique yet world-class designs currently in the beautiful resort of Wild Coast Tented Loge.

The game changer award - ahead 2020

Wild Coast Tented Lodge, Sri Lanka

Surrounded by dryland forests and a coastline overlooking the Indian Ocean, Wild Coast Tented Lodge comprises cocoon-shaped tents that resemble the boulders scattered around the area, whilst buildings made from bamboo blend into the locale’s distinct rock formations. Nomadic Resorts was praised for creating a truly intimate experience, heightened through proximity to the surrounding wildlife.

Dezen awards 2019

Hospitality Building of the year

The series of organic structures are designed to mimic the rocky outcrops that are scattered across the local landscape, with the aim of integrating the camp seamlessly into the site. Hospitality studio Nomadic Resorts worked with interior designer Bo Reudler Studio to create the safari camp in Sri Lanka, which overlooks the Indian Ocean and is surrounded by woodland. Sustainability, landscape, architecture and heritage are intertwined in the design of the resort, celebrating the flora, fauna and culture of the area with minimal intrusion on the landscape. The camp's waterfront bar, restaurant and library are enclosed within two dome-shaped structures clad in reclaimed teak shingles, designed to imitate the local landscape.

hospitality design awards 2018

Finalist Design Award

Vinc consulted and supervised the construction of the welcome reception and restaurant at Wild Coast Tented Lodge in Sri Lanka. The design, by Nomadic Resorts, received a finalist award at the Hospitality Design Awards ceremony in New York for 2 categories: RESORTS and SUSTAINABILITY.

DFA Design for Asia Awards 2018

Grand Award for Sustainability & Design

The Wild Coast Tented Lodge, Sri Lanka has been the winner for sustainability and design of the year, with emphasis in neutro carbon emissions, the Larkwood team worked hand in hand with the resort's design team to acomplish this incredible and unique designs that delivered a sustainable result.

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