Parisian Side Table | Rattan Woven


The Parisian Stool is inspired by our most iconic design, the French Modernist Armchair. It follows in line to complement your already stunning French Modernist Armchair. 

It can be used as a Stool, Foot Rest, Side Table, your imagination is the limit. The Parisian Side Table is as strong as our French Modernist Armchairs, so don't you worry on how much weight goes on them!

This chair is an impressive feat. You'll see. It stands up for itself.

The hand woven rattan catches the light from all angles while to the smooth natural finish of the frame stands bold and consistent, creating an eye-catching combination and contrast.

This chic beautiful hand woven style stool is truly a skilled piece of handwork, versatile year round.

Parisian Table | Materials | Care | Dimensions

The height is just right

We created the Parisian Table with your armchair in mind - reaching for that glass of Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2001 or the pizza box has never been easier.

Designed for the aussie lifestyle

Made with elegant plantation Mindi Wood (same wood as our French Modernist range), our sleek and stable Parisian table can handle anything you, or your family throw at it.

It's practically a superhero

You can use it for just about anything, whether that’s as a cozy side table to set your coffee on, or a plucky perch for your laptop or papers.

Do you need a magazine rack? a bookshelf? a footstool?- The Parisian Table can be those things too.

It really works!

Rattan and wood are the flesh and bone of the furniture manufacturing.
They are a match made in design heaven, so it’s no wonder why our Parisian Table looks so good.

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