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“Why is it so hard to find high-quality furniture these days?” my friend Matt lamented to me one day. “We’ve been looking for a desk for my new home office, and everything is cheap, flimsy, or boring. I feel like I’m hunting for a unicorn.”

I humbly suggested he take a look at our Royce Desk, which has a solid Plantation Mindi frame. “The detailing is great,” I told him. “There are spacious draws and the accent legs of the desk are a highlight!" "I’ll take one” Matt declared gratefully.

A desk is an essential piece in every home or professional office, the centre of the room where you’ll be spending most of your time. It’s where ideas are created, a conducive place for optimum productivity. For this reason, you want your desk to be somewhere you enjoy working at – a spacious, stylish and practical area. Many people opt for a wooden desk. It is a trusty choice that is made to be durable, provides a timeless aesthetic and can offer plenty of storage space for added functionality. 

At Larkwood Furniture, we specialise in crafting desks that meet your office needs and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. Our wooden desk in Australia combines purpose with sophisticated elegance, ensuring you have ample storage without compromising on style.

Durable Craftsmanship: Wooden Desk Made to Last

Have trouble finding a desk that isn’t flimsy? Look no further than our wooden desk with drawers – your office solution. We understand the importance of a workspace that lasts, which is why we use ethically sourced, sturdy wood for our furniture. Renowned for its durability and resilience, wood is an ideal material for crafting remarkably sturdy desks that will withstand daily use. With a wooden desk from Larkwood Furniture, you're investing in a timeless piece that promises to maintain its integrity and functionality year after year, making it a dependable piece of furniture for your professional or home office.

Want to create a cohesive space throughout your home? Explore our collection of wood bedroom furniture for a touch of warmth and calmness. Or add a unique flair to your kitchen with our selection of woven stools.

The Classic Wooden Desk Designed Thoughtfully

Combining style and smart design, our solid wooden desks, Australia-wide, have been created to fulfil all your workspace needs. All it needs is a comfortable chair to pair it with. 

Our wooden desk with drawers is made to be handy. Inspired by Scandinavian design and crafted with precision, it blends elegant curves and angles with mindful storage solutions. Helpful when you need an organised and clutter-free workspace, the drawer and on-desk shelves will make your tools easily accessible. The best part? You can keep them away when you want a clear and clean desk.

Wooden Desk with Endless Artistic Appeal

Your desk should not have to compromise on aesthetics for functionality. When designed well, a wooden desk should provide ample storage and style.

One of the charms of a wooden desk is the warmth and character it brings to your space. It’s a wonderful addition to any room while creating an inviting and comfortable environment for you to work in. The key to a luxury wooden office desk is in the details. This includes the choice of wood and any accent points such as the legs of the desk or hardware used. At Larkwood Furniture, our desks are made while considering every aspect. We use the finest materials to bring a sense of luxury and professionalism to your workspace. They are ideal for those who value both aesthetics and practicality in their work environment.

Have a Versatile Workspace with a Wooden Desk

Our range of furniture, inclusive of our luxury wooden office desk, is made to blend seamlessly with various decor styles. From classic and contemporary to mid-century modern and transitional, our collection of furniture merges superior craftsmanship and sophisticated design. The versatility of these wooden desks also allows them to fit in different spaces. Centrepieces for a home office, a functional addition to professional workplaces or a simple yet reliable desk for more compact spaces, a wooden desk with drawers is your answer.

Create A Functional Home Office Around Your Wooden Desk

Your desk is easily the fundamental piece of furniture in your home office that will set the tone for productivity and style in your workspace. This is why selecting the right wooden desk matters. 

However, the functionality of your workspace also relies on other elements:

  • Strategic Placement: Position your wooden desk to maximise natural light and minimise distractions. A well-lit space boosts energy and focus. You can also add a table lamp for extra lighting.
  • Ergonomic Seating: Pair your desk with a comfortable chair that supports posture. Comfort is key, especially for long hours of work.
  • Smart Storage Solutions: Complement your wooden desk with smart storage options such as shelves or cabinets to keep essential files and supplies within reach yet organised.
  • Personalise Your Space: A space curated for you helps reduce stress and inspires.

Get creative, decorate and add personal touches with plants, artwork, or photos. 

Tech-Friendly Setup: Ensure your wooden desk is equipped with the essential tech tools needed for your work. Keep cables organised for a clutter-free and efficient works


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Who makes your furniture?
All our products are designed and manufactured in our very own manufacturing facility. 

Larkwood Furniture has been designing and manufacturing since 1988.

We manufacture for large and small retail stores, designers, architects, and projects in the hospitality and commercial areas.

For more information about our manufacturing facility, click HERE.
Indoor Product Care

This product is designed for indoor use.

We do not recommend using this outdoors. However, if you choose to, it is recommended that you keep the product under cover and not exposed.


🧡 Your item was made with love so please show it love by taking good care of it. 🧡


General care:

Do not position under direct heat or sunlight.

Do not allow any liquid to be left on any surface for prolonged periods of time. If this occurs, wipe with down the surface with a clean wet cloth.

We do not recommend painting, sanding or varnishing.

We hope you love your purchase as much as we do, we have a 30-day trial, and not completely happy please retain your packaging to ensure its safe return.


 Each piece has been individually handcrafted to create a unique piece of furniture.



Wood is a natural material.

During warm, humid weather wood can expand.

During dry weather wood contracts. These seasonal variations are normal characteristics of wood.

Do not position in front of radiator, direct sunlight,

avoid direct heat, moist environments and not for outdoor use.

Do not use abrasive cleaners. Wipe wood with a damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth. Any spills should be removed immediately. Take care when moving the furniture.

To maintain the colour and quality of the wood used for indoor only.


Mindi is a hardwood timber, coarse in texture and their colour varies from light to dark brown. Natural variations may occur adding a charm to each piece.


Mahogany is a hardwood timber, coarse in texture and their reddish-brown colour.


Teak is a hardwood timber, coarse in texture and their colour varies from golden to brown colour.

Teak wood is typically used in our Outdoor Collection for more intricate joinery in our Indoor Furniture Colleciton. 

Leather & Vegan Leather:

Avoid sharp objects and excessive force to prevent scratches and tears.

Keep it out of direct sun to avoid fading.
Keep the design distanced from fireplaces and heating vents. High temperature and humidity can dry leather out.

We suggest you steer clear of wax, polish, soaps and oil leather cleaners. They can affect the finish or discolour the leather. For small spots and spills use a dampened, soft cloth and let it air dry. For oil, butter, or grease spills use a clean, dry using cloth. Do not use water. The spot should naturally sink into the leather and fade away. 

Apply a leather conditioner to keep the leather soft and prevent drying out. For scratches rub leather conditioner with your finger or a soft cloth.

For thorough cleaning, we suggest taking this piece to a leather specialist only.


The fabric has been treated for soil and stain resistance. If the fabric gets dirty, apply 10-20ml of detergent solution on top of the spot; use a soft bristle brush to clean the fabric. Softly clean with a clean cloth and cold water. Allow the fabric to air dry.

Water Hyacinth (Rope Weave) : 

The French Modernist Armchair - Natural is made from Water Hyacinth rope, a natural unprocessed product. Keep it clean by using normal white vinegar from your local supermarket, spray in low quantities directly into the weaving, and use a soft toothbrush to clean it. Dab dry with a clean towel and allow to completely air dry before using. Avoid using bleach.

Keep this material away from high-humidity areas for prolonged periods of time. 



Warranty and Returns

You will have our famous Makers Guarantee, 2 years of manufacturing warranty that covers you from any unlikely manufacturing defects in your product. For warranty claims please refer here. 

Try any Larkwood Furniture product for 30 days. If you don't love it, ship it back and we'll give you a full refund. In most areas of Melbourne we'll even pick it up for free.

How it works:

  1. Unbox and try it out. It takes time to get to know our furniture, so we'll give you up to 30 days before you give your verdict.
  2. Don't like it? Contact us to organize your return. Just make sure the item is well wrapped for pick up.
  3. Send it back. We’ll organise one of our courier partners to pick it up from your home.
  4. We'll refund every cent. Once we’ve received your return, we’ll give you a full product refund.
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    We collaborate, and custom make furniture for small and large retail stores, designers, and projects. 

    Our team fully custom makes orders in a curated selection of materials. 

    All our furniture is commercial grade, including all our household designs. 

    We have been collaborating and manufacturing for multiple retail stores, designers, and resorts abound the world and in Australia for over 30 years.

    Please feel free to get in touch with Abby, and she will be more than happy to discuss manufacturing opportunities for your project or business. 

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Designed for the aussie lifestyle

The Royce desk is designed to be delicate in the eye, and built as strong as a rock.

WFH made easier

Hand-finished and ethically sourced materials, the Royce Desk has everything you need to get the job done.

Designed to make a difference to your day

We know working from home isn't easy, so we designed a desk that eases some of your office cravings for a good desk