Whether you're among the 67% of Australians who own property or want to spruce up a rental space, choosing the right bedroom furniture is critical for your interior design scheme.

From getting the right bedroom furniture sets to a great wooden dressing table, there are many things to consider.

Here, we'll discuss selecting the best wooden bedroom furniture for your home. Read on to learn some considerations you'll need to think about.


How to Select the Right Wooden Bedroom Furniture

"Wooden bedroom furniture" doesn't just refer to one thing. It encompasses a wide range of materials, designs, styles, and furniture applications. For example, a mahogany and teak Hampton mirror is very different from oak bedroom side tables.

Because of this diversity, you will need to consider several factors when deciding on your own bedroom furniture set options. This will ensure that you like everything you choose and can maintain a self-expressive space. It also will help you mix and match furniture in a visually appealing way.

What's Your Preferred Wood Tone?

There's nothing wrong with playing favourites when it comes to wooden furniture. The hue you choose for your wood is a great place to make a decision that boils down to personal preference.

Some woods have a cooler tone. This means that they encompass greys, pale yellows, and dark browns that have very little saturation. They are ideal for modern and contemporary spaces that you want to look larger and more minimalistic.

Some cool woods include:

  • Dark walnut
  • Hackberry
  • Ash
  • Maple
  • Pine
  • Teak (sometimes)

You also may prefer warm-toned woods. These options have more deep brown, red, cherry, and golden tinges. They make a space look cosier and smaller by invoking a classic and rustic vibe.

Some warm woods include:

  • Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Cherry
  • Hickory
  • Teak (sometimes)

Neutral woods that come in black or white can go with any decor scheme.

Create Visual Depth With Multiple Wood Tones

You don't need to just select a single tone for your wooden bedroom furniture sets. In fact, using multiple tones throughout your space is a great way to create depth and intricacy.

The 60-30-10 rule is a great way to introduce multi-toned furniture to your space.

60% of your room should be a single dominant tone. This will be the tone that you most prefer. You can use multiple wood types within this 60% of your furniture as long as it falls into the same tonal category.

The other 30% should be a non-dominant tone or texture. For example, if you use a lot of cool pine furniture within your 60% dominant colour, you might make 30% of your remaining furniture mahogany. This will bring out the warm tone of your secondary wood.

The final 10% should be an accent. This often means a neutral wood tone like black.

However, it also could mean that you should get wood furniture that features white or coloured cushions. These styles are fantastic because of their high comfort level and visual appeal. For more added fun with colour, consider blue accent pillows or small yellow throw blankets.

Maximise Textures by Pairing Different Types of Wood

Tone is only one thing to consider when selecting wooden bedroom furniture. Various types of wood have different textures.

Some woods will have a deeper coarse grain with a stark texture. If you run your hands along furniture with deep grain, you will feel the dips and curves of the wood under your fingers. If you see a lot of grain that gives the wood character but cannot feel it, it may have a smooth finish.

Oak is an excellent example of grainy wood. Some cuts can even have a unique and beautiful knotty and knobby texture.

Other woods, like mahogany, have a very fine grain. They don't have much texture but instead rely on appealing smoothness and rich colour. The thin veining is very close together.

Including fine-grained woods in some areas of your room will make those with coarser grain stand out. You also will showcase the smooth luxury of finer-grained wood. Mixing and matching will make your overall space appear more even and cohesive.

Avoid Going Overboard With the Finishes

Wood finishes range from protective to aesthetic. While it's a good idea to buy furniture treated with finishes that protect against humidity or UV rays, you don't always need to get something sanded and smoothed.

Going overboard with multiple finishes can create serious decor problems. For one thing, you're eliminating the texture from some of the finest woods on the market. Oak and maple are at their most beautiful when they have a coarser texture, and making them uniform eliminates a lot of their appeal.

Additionally, when you use too many finishes, you run the risk of making your furniture clash. For example, if you have rustic mildly-finished furniture in some areas, it will look strange to contrast it with fully-finished pieces of bedroom storage furniture in other parts of the room.

This isn't to say that you should shirk finished wood altogether. Just know what you're getting, and be careful when you mix and match.

Mix and Match with High-Quality Wooden Bedroom Furniture

Quality is always key when it comes to bedroom furniture. Whether you're investing in bedroom side tables or a comfortable chair, you need to ensure that it was designed to last. It should be well-finished, durable, and well-assembled.

This can be challenging, but Larkwood prides itself on only selling the finest quality furniture. It's all hand-crafted and built with the highest-quality natural woods.

This makes mixing and matching tones and textures much easier. When quality is your main feature, you can play with accents and elements more. Your space will still look sophisticated and beautiful.

Get Quality Luxury Wooden Bedroom Furniture From Larkwood

Now that you know how to make the most of your bedroom furniture, it's time to start shopping. Larkwood is committed to providing the best high-quality furniture to consumers in Australia and worldwide.

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