Discover the Elegance and Sophistication of the Bobette Dressing Mirror from Larkwood Furniture

At Larkwood Furniture, we always provide multi-functionality in every piece of our furniture. In blending elegance and functionality, the Bobette dressing mirror will be suitable for your dressing area or any bedroom in your home.

Crafted Elegance

Made from the finest materials, the Bobette Dressing mirror is made from rattan and Mindi wood. Those natural materials were chosen by our craftsmanship and made with detail. Results premium finish ensures it seamlessly integrates into any décor style, whether modern, classic, or eclectic. Its timeless design makes it a versatile piece that will complement your space for years to come.

We take our time at the details we place on our products. We wanted the rattan to last but wanted a see through effect on the side of the mirror. Our Design Team made sure of this by reenforcing the back of the rattan. Choosing to use a dark grey colour to be placed behind the rattan to give it a see-through effect, giving the delicate nature of rattan a helping hand in creating a product that lasts.

Functional Design

The Bobette Mirror can be placed on top of a table or desk without needing to ruin your table top with screw holes. Simply unfold and adjust the sides of the mirror to suit your table length. Making it rental friendly and adjustable when you are redecorating a room.

If hanging mirrors are your thing, the Bobette Mirror is able to be placed on the wall with ease.

The beauty of Bobette Dressing mirror suit for your essentials. Whether helping you with getting ready or curated display. The beautiful shape of the Bobette Mirror will elevate your room whatever its function. The natural finish gives you elegance and functionality.

Quality You Can Trust

Here at Larkwood Furniture, we put quality before anything else. Every item is made with excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail, and dedication to sustainability. You may rely on the Bobette Dressing mirror to deliver aesthetic appeal and resilience.

    Make It Yours, Grab It Fast

    Transform your space with the Larkwood Furniture rattan Bobette Mirror. Whether you're seeking a statement piece or simply enhancing your daily routine, this elegant addition promises both style and functionality.

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